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About Us  

There’s a reason why visual art makes such a difference – it’s different than designer art that you can find in your local department store, and it goes a step beyond the manufactured prints that you can find in the home décor aisle. Here at Lopfire Designs LTD, nothing is more important to us than showing just how true, authentic, and artist-made fine art can make a big difference in the elegance of your space.  

We’re a dedicated team of artists and graphic designers who specialize in visual art and fine art print design. Each of our delicate Giclee canvas prints comes framed in a beautiful wooden frame so that you can showcase your new fine art prints just the way you want.  

Enhance your home décor, elevate your style, and upgrade your space with a fine art print from  Lopfire Designs LTD.  

Our Values

At Lopfire, we’re firm believers that there’s something to be said when it comes to visual art. It’s all about the beautiful details that one can observe when they get close, and the level of appreciation that one can have for fine art when they take a step back and look at the piece in its entirety.  Step up to each Giclee canvas print, get close to it, and make note of the beautiful details that showcase the designer’s creativity. From there, take a step back and sit down on your couch –  allow the energy from each print to seep into your space and create a true sense of relaxation.  


Our Story 

Lopfire Designs LTD was founded by an artist who wanted to bring a new view to the world of home décor and designs. With a drive to create authentic works of art, every single print is 100%  real and original. Taking in stride the desires of our customers, we began to offer personalized and customized orders, so that our customers can learn just what it’s like to commission an artist for something unique.  

Today, we’re proud to offer a variety of fine art categories to ensure that every customer can find an original work of art that works within their home décor and designs.


Our Mission

At Lopfire Designs LTD, our mission is simple – we work each and every day to inspire, motivate,  and encourage others to see the creative side of life. With real, authentic, and original works of art packaged, framed, and hung as beautiful home décor pieces, each and every customer can see just how much value an original work of art can add to your space.  


What Is A Giclée Canvas Print?

At Lopfire, we’re proud to be one of the first companies in the UK to make prints fully in line with the Giclee standard. We carefully select the print quality, along with the strength and intensity of each and every color.  

Our process involves the use of a 12-color printer filled with professional pigmented ink. Each design is carefully and delicately printed on 100% cotton fabric canvas that features a bleached texture to make for a clear and sharp print that delivers. In addition, our canvases are museum-grade archival to ensure resistance to color loss over time.


Canvas Prints
Canvas Prints
Canvas Prints

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